Thai tattoo symbols and meanings

Thai tattoo symbols are believed to be magic and grant spiritual powers and protection to those who have them. Each Sak Yant symbol represents a unique set of qualities that derives from a Buddhist tradition.

A Lotus Flower tattoo:

lotus tattoo symbol and meaning

A Lotus Flower symbol represents the Buddhist Eightfold Path and the purity of the soul. It has a different meaning which depends on the color of the flower:

  • Blue Lotus stands for wisdom and knowledge
  • White Lotus symbolizes spiritual and mental purity
  • Red Lotus stands for love and compassion

Thai Spiral tattoo [Unalome]

Thai Spiral tattoo symbol and meaning

Unalome is a Buddhist symbol that represents a path to enlightenment. The bottom curves and spirals represent the trials and struggles of life before reaching enlightenment. The enlightenment itself is represented by a straight line on top.

Sumred Yant:

Sumred tattoo symbol and meaning

A Sumred Yant is one of the most popular Thai tattoo symbols that is very often tattooed on the back of a neck. This sacred symbol grants its bearer success in life, happiness, and good luck. It also augments a person with compassion and kindness towards others.

Turtle tattoo:

Turtle tattoo symbol and meaning

According to Buddhist beliefs, Buddha was once reincarnated as a turtle. A Turtle Thai tattoo symbol grants long life, good fortune, and good health. A long healthy life is related to a perception of a turtle in Buddhist culture. It also combines the elements of earth and water.

Crocodile tattoo:

Crocodile tattoo symbol and meaning

A Thai Crocodile tattoo symbol stands for endurance, strength, and power. Thai soldiers and Muay Thai fighters often get this tattoo symbol to protect them from injuries.

The 5 Blessings of Buddha tattoo:

Five blessings of Buddha tattoo symbol and meaning

The 5 Blessings of Buddha bring good luck, happiness, well-being, and protection from evil spirits to those who have them.

Lord Buddha tattoo:

Lord Buddha tattoo symbol and meaning

Ongk Pra Yant, in its various forms, represents Buddha himself. The bottom part usually contains a Buddhist incantation [Kata]. The Half Moon Symbol above Buddha's head represents the light of the moon illuminating the way during dark hours.

Four-sided Yant:

Four Sided Yant tattoo symbol and meaning

4-sided Yant symbolizes the four elements:

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Air
  • and Fire

The Sun tattoo symbol:

The Sun tattoo symbol and meaning

It symbolizes the sun, all the stars and the planets in the universe. It means that all life on earth is possible only thanks to our own star: the sun.

Thai Dragon tattoo:

Thai Dragon tattoo symbol and meaning

Dragons are one of the most important symbols in Asian culture and traditions. They represent such values as strength, masculinity, prosperity, and longevity.

Thai Dragon tattoo symbol protects those who have them from danger, bad luck and misfortune.

Round Yant tattoo:

Round Yant tattoo symbol and meaning

Round Yant represents the face of the Buddha in the Brahmin tradition.

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