Effective Muay Thai workouts and training plans

Muay Thai workouts and training drills

Bruce Lee once famously stated: "There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them"

Muay Thai is designed to promote the level of fitness required for ring competition. That demands a lot of commitment from fighters but also offers a great reward in the shape of increased strength and stamina. You have to push yourself both physically and mentally to a new level of fitness.

In Muay Thai most of the exercising is done within a group. Training with a team is more effective than solo workouts. Healthy competition helps to push yourself to train harder.

Muay Thai workouts and training drills

Muay Thai workouts can be divided into 3 major categories:

  • Thai pad training: designed to practice combinations of kicks and punches with your sparring partner.

    Thai pad drills are also helpful to build up stamina by doing high volume sets of kicks and punches that need to be completed in a limited time.
  • Heavy bag drills are solo workouts. The training routine includes sets of combinations practiced with heavy boxing bags and banana bags.
  • Bodyweight workout routines: intended to build up a fighter's strength and stamina. Those exercises include push-ups, pull-ups, dips, burpees, and other calisthenics workouts.

Muay Thai workouts: Thai pad drills

  • Kicking drills designed to increase the speed, power, and accuracy of your kicks. Usually, it consists of a set of 10-100 fast kicks for each leg that needs to be completed as fast as possible.

    A different version of this exercise requires a practitioner to throw as many kicks as possible in one minute. This type of training mainly builds up stamina but it also increases power and accuracy of kicks.

    With Thai pads, you can also practice combinations.
    A few examples of training combos:

    • Jab + cross + left uppercut
    • Switch kick + cross + left hook + roundhouse kick
    • jab + jab + cross + left knee
    • jab+right uppercut+left hook+cross

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Muay Thai kick pads

Muay Thai workouts: Heavy bag drills

Which includes a set of simple 3-count and 4-count combinations practiced with a heavy bag.

Move around a bag and strikes from different angles. Mix up different types of strikes: kicks, punches, knee, and elbow strikes. Keep changing your pace and a distance from the bag. Try out those combos:
  • Jab + cross + liver hook
  • Jab + cross + switch kick
  • Jab + cross + hook + right elbow strike

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Bodyweight workouts:

  • Explosive push-ups: build up explosive power and strength with those simple and effective bodyweight workout routines. Different types of push-ups are focused on different groups of muscles:

    • Wide grip push-ups: for a bigger chest
    • T push-ups: for chest and shoulders
    • Staggered push-ups: for triceps, shoulders, and abs
    • Diamond push-ups: for stronger triceps muscles

    To read more about a different type of push-ups and what are they good for check out: Types of push-ups

    • Overhand pull-ups: are great for strengthening your shoulders and your back. This type of exercise also puts a lot of pressure on the forearm and triceps muscles.
    • Chin-ups it is a great exercise for building your biceps muscles.
    • Dips: an effective workout for stronger arms. It is focused on building stronger triceps muscles.
    • Burpees: a full-body exercise that improves strength and body conditioning.

    Burpee exercise

    • running: stick to the basics. Nothing else improves your stamina as well as running.
    • rope jumping: it increases your stamina and improves your footwork and body coordination.

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    And, last but not least, the most effective exercise of them all is a full power sparring
    It will improve virtually every single aspect of your physical performance and will help you to shine in the ring.

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