A list of effective Muay Thai combinations:

In this post, I will list a number of effective Muay Thai combinations. This time I will focus on Punch+Kick and Kick+Punch Muay Thai combos.

Most of them will be simple 3-count and 4-count combos that you can start using right away.
I have also added a few advanced combos and setups for more experienced fighters.

I'm writing them from a position of an orthodox fighter with a regular stance ie. left lead leg. You can easily adjust them for a southpaw stance.

A list of Muay Thai combinations

Muay Thai 4-count combinations: a cornerstone of a solid Thai Kickboxing training:

Most of these combos are great for heavy bag drills and sparring. Some of them - like double switch kick combos - are meant to be used for training with Thai pads and are not meant for regular sparring.

Right low kick + left hook + cross [right straight punch] + left switch kick

Left switch kick + cross [right straight punch] + left hook + right low kick

Left hook + cross [right straight punch] + double left switch kick

Right low kick + left hook + right hook + left inside leg kick

Switch kick + cross + left hook + roundhouse kick

Jab + cross + hook + right elbow strike

Jab + cross + left hook to the head + left hook to the body

Jab + cross + left roundhouse kick + left knee strike

Jab + teep + fake another teep + quick jab and cross

Simple 3-count Muay Thai combinations:

Jab + cross + left uppercut

Jab + cross + switch kick

Jab + cross + liver hook

Left inside leg kick + cross + left hook

Jab + left hook + cross [right straight punch]

Low left kick + cross + left hook

Dutch style Kickboxing:

left hook + cross [right straight punch] + left low kick

cross + left hook + cross + left low kick

And more advanced Muay Thai combos:

jab + cross + left liver hook + left head hook + right head hook + left head hook + right roundhouse head kick

For a list of Dutch-style combos take a look at Dutch Kickboxing combinations.

Try them and choose the one that feels natural to you. Everyone's got different preferences. Most of the combinations start with a simple jab or a low kick. Some people like to start combos with a straight right punch - I don't.

At least not too early in the game. It feels like it opens up my guard too much and it neutralizes my 'power punch' that I could use for a counter-attack. I like to keep that punishing 'answer' for my opponent's attacks early in the game and open up later in the fight.

You can always do some more cocky strikes later on when the situation allows you to. Other people may feel differently about it so you should try them before you decide what's the best strategy for you there. Try these simple 3-count combinations starting with a cross and check it for yourself:

Cross [straight right punch] + left hook + right low kick

Cross [straight right] body punch + left hook + right uppercut elbow

Cross [straight right] + left hook + right uppercut

Cross + left hook + right knee

And a more advanced combo:
Cross + left hook + cross + jab + cross + uppercut + cross

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