A list of Kickboxing combinations for heavy bag and sparring

A list of Kickboxing combinations for beginners and advanced fighters.

At the beginning of my adventure with my adventure with Muay Thai I have trained with a semi-pro Swedish Kickboxer turned Muay Thai fighter. I have learned some kickboxing techniques from him as well as Muay Thai stuff, which was like a revelation to me back then.

He said that a transition from Dutch Style Kickboxing to Muay Thai wasn't difficult for him: "those are two complementary styles like Boxing and Muay Thai" he said. With this in mind, I have prepared this list of Kickboxing combos for you to practice.

A list of Kickboxing combinations

Kickboxing combinations vs Muay Thai combos

Modern full-contact Kickboxing, Dutch Style Kickboxing especially, share some similarities with Muay Thai and they both meet halfway in a K1 formula. Obviously, Kickboxing combos are simpler will not involve knee and elbow strikes like Muay Thai combos but will make use of leg kick which was implemented into it from Muay Thai. You also have to note that some of the greatest Western Muay Thai fighters had started their career as kickboxers like Julie Kitchen for example. It was the same for me: Kickboxing was an "entry drug" that got me hooked on Muay Thai.

A list of basic kickboxing combinations for beginners:

All combinations are written with an orthodox fighter in mind. If you are Southpaw, you can simply adjust them by changing left to right, right to left.

Jab = left straight punch
Cross = right straigth punch
Head kick = high kick
Leg kick = low kick

A word of explanation:
By default "[Left] kick" means kicking your opponents front leg (unless stated otherwise) with your left leg. The same principle applies to the right kick.

Basic 2-count combinations:

  • Jab + [right] Leg kick
  • Cross + [left] Leg kick
  • Jab + [right] Head kick
  • Cross + [left] Head kick
  • Jab + [right] Overhand

Basic 3-count combinations:
  • Jab + Cross + [left] Head kick
  • Cross + Jab + [right] Leg kick
  • Cross + [left] Hook to the body + [right] Head kick
  • [left] Front kick + Cross + [left] Hook to the head

OK, let's move to a more challenging advanced combinations.

A list of an advanced kickboxing combinations:

And now we are going to start with more demanding combinations. These combos require a higher level of a body coordination and fitness. You will also have to be stretched top deliver proper high kicks.

  • Jab + Cross + [left] Hook to the body + [right] Head kick
  • Jab + Cross +[left] Hook + [right] Leg kick
  • Jab + [right foot forward] Cross + [left] inside leg kick
For this next combination you have to be very stretched cause you have to throw a high kick from a short distance right after delivering the cross:
  • Jab + Cross to the body + [right] Head kick
And obviously we can't forget about a Dutch style:
  • cross + left hook + cross + left low kick

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