A list of advanced Muay Thai combos for training and sparring

Advanced Muay Thai combos for heavy bag and Thai pad drills:

I wrote about regular 4-count Muay Thai combos and Dutch-style kickboxing combinations before. Now it's time to share with you a list of advanced Muay Thai combinations.

Advanced combos work best when you take control of the fight and are able to impose your pace and your own style of fighting on your opponent. Combinations are a cornerstone of a Muay Thai technical training.

A list of advanced Muay Thai combos

An introduction to advanced Muay Thai combos:

Many times the difference between an advanced Muay Thai combo and simple combinations is not a number of "counts" but a level of fitness you need to achieve to be able to deliver it successfully to your opponent.

Let's take a look at this kick combo [both orthodox stance]:
  • [Left] inside leg kick [to you opponent's lead leg] then step back + [right] outside leg kick [to your opponents lead leg] - [right] kick to the body

It doesn't look like much but you have to be quick and accurate - if you miss the second kick you will not be able to follow up with the third - and the third kick must be delivered right after the second one.

It may feel more natural to make a switch and kick with your left leg at the end of the combo. It all depends on the situation - you have to avoid the risk of a leg catch.

A list of an advanced Muay Thai combos:

OK, let's get into the business. Pick a few combinations from this list and try them on heavy bag and/or on your sparring partner [orthodox stance]:
  • [Left] hook + [right] cross + [lef] hook + [right] body kick
  • [Left] hook + [right] straight + [switch] [left] body kick x2
  • [Left] jab + [right] cross +[left] jab + [right] hook to the body
  • [Left] jab + [Right] cross + [Left] hook + [right] leg kick
  • [Left] jab + [Left] hook + [right] leg kick
  • [left] jab + [right] Low Kick + [right] Cross + [left] Body Kick

And one of Buakaw's favorite combos. A truly devastating combination:
  • [Right] Cross + [left] elbow + [right] short hook + [right] elbow
This combo can eliminate the opponent from the fight by TKO due to the elbow cut.

And finally some effective 4-count combos. Most of them start with a kick + two punches and ends with a kick:
  • [Left] Head kick + [right] cross to the body + [left] hook to the body + [right] midsection kick
  • [Left] kick to the body + [right] cross + [left] jab + [right] kick to the body
  • [Right] kick to the body + [[Left] jab + [right] cross + [right] kick to the body
  • [Left] mid kick + [right] cross + [left] hook + [right] mid kick
  • [Right] kick to the body + [left] jab + [right] cross + [left] kick to the body

I hope you will find those combos useful. Take a look at a link section below to find some more combinations:

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