Best supplements for Muay Thai fighters

A list of healthy supplements for Muay Thai fighters:

To begin with this subject I just want to make it clear that nothing will replace a healthy, balanced diet. That said, when you train hard on a regular basis your body needs extra nutrition and microelements. Heavy workouts are more demanding and you need more proteins and carbs to keep you going and growing. Also, to get better results you would need a fast absorbing protein after workout and occasional meal replacements. I would like to share my experience with and a wider knowledge about nutrition for fighters.

Some people want to lost weight and some other want to gain mass and transition to heavier weight category. So one person wants to speed up metabolism and burn extra calories while the other wants to convert it into more mass, preferably muscles. To make this process faster and easier you should consider taking some quality supplements.

Creatine monohydrate and creatine ethyl ester: the most important supplements for Muay Thai fighters.

Creatine is one of the safest sports supplements: it doesn't have any side effects and you practically cannot overdose it. It increases your endurance so you train longer without feeling tired which translates into better gains from a single workout session. Creatine is also proven to increase your strength and to accelerate the growing of muscle fiber. It should be on the top of your list of supplements if you are serious about accelerating your training. A food rich in creatine is red meat, especially beef, and fish. To be able to get 5g of creatine from a food you would have to eat around one pound/0.5 kg of beef every day which may be problematic and quite expensive. That's where supplements come in handy.

Ethyl ester creatine:

According to some studies, ethyl ester creatine has a better absorption rate than creatine monohydrate, while some other sources claimed that there is no difference. I have tested both types - and also a few different brands - of creatine for a long period of time on myself and I haven't noticed any difference. What I also observed is that a pure monohydrate allowed me to train longer without feeling exhausted than ethyl ester. Guys I've been training with have a similar opinion so I recommend creatine monohydrate over ethyl ester for a regular training.

The benefits of Amino acids (BCAA):

Amino acids are building blocks that make up a protein. Your body builds up and break down proteins on a constant basis. When the process of building up a new proteins is faster than the process of breaking them down then you gain muscle mass. When you are very active physically the demand for it grows significantly. If you don't provide enough of those building blocks for your body in your diet then you should use supplements to keep your gains. BCAA also helps you to heal a post-workout muscle damage (muscle microfractures) and to recover faster after a workout which means that your body is ready to train more often. That is why amino acids are one of the most important supplements for Muay Thai fighters and all athletes in general.

Anti-fat propaganda

OK, I know that fat is not a supplement but it is very important in your diet so that everything else works as it should. Simply put, your body needs fat to absorb proteins to build muscles. To be clear I'm not saying that you should consume ANY type of fat but a good quality fat: virgin olive oil, avocados and various types of nuts and seeds (like peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, sesame seeds etc) and...butter, yes a real butter - in a limited amount - is good for you, much better than vegetable oil spreads. You can find more information about balanced diet and proper nutrition for fighters under this link: Muay Thai diet.

Vitamins and minerals

The equation is simple: the more your train and sweat the more minerals and microelements your body needs to replace.

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