Muay Thai Tattoo symbols and meanings

Muay Thai tattoo symbols called Sak Yant tattoos, are protective emblems with a deep meaning rooted in ancient traditions of Hindu and Buddhist religions. They grant the bearer desirable attributes such as: power, strength, fearlessness, protection, charisma, health, sexual attractiveness, fortune, and confidence.

Yantra tattooing traditions are at least 2000 years old among south-east Asian cultures.
Sak Yant tattoos are deeply rooted in Thai culture and are immensely popular among Muay Thai fighters. I want to share with you the most popular yant tattoo designs and their attributes and meanings.

Muay Thai tattoo patterns and meanings:

Tiger Yant: Twin Tigers tattoo

The tiger is a symbol of strength, power, and fearlessness. Twin tigers stand for the highest level of power. It is a suitable ink for a person with authority over the others. It is one of the most popular Muay Thai tattoo designs for fighters.

Five Lines tattoo

Five magical spells that protect against, respectively:

  • evil spirits
  • bad fortune
  • black magic
and also grants:
  • a good fortune
  • a sexual attractiveness
So like you see it is a very nice tattoo to have even when you don't train Muay Thai.

Eight Directions tattoo

This tattoo represent the 8 poses of Buddha.
It protects and grants a good luck and protects from hazards from all directions. The circle represents ones life with all the distractions that one has to encounter. The straight lines up represents the paths to enlightenment.

Nine Peaks tattoo

It represents 9 Buddhas that grants 12 distinctive special powers and blessings:

  • the first one increases your popularity
  • the second one protects from injury
  • the third one helps to defeat the enemy
  • the forth one gives power and authority over the other people
  • the fifth one grants the loyalty of the others and desire to fight for you
  • the sixth one grants the invincibility
  • the seventh one grants luck in new enterprises
  • the eighth one increases your popularity with the opposite sex
  • the ninth one brings a good fortune
  • the tenth one benefits your destiny
  • the eleventh one protects against violence
  • the twelfth one improves your circumstances at work

Hanuman, the Monkey God tattoo

Hanuman tattoo represents fighter's qualities like strength, stamina and agility and it is also a symbol of devotion to martial arts in a case of Muay Thai fighter.

In Muay Boran, a martial art that evolved into modern Muay Thai, there's a traditional fighting technique called Hanuman. It utilizes 'monkey-like' movement and a powerful uppercut technique which involves using both hands to strike the opponents chin.

Ganesh: an elephant God tattoo

Ganesh is a God that can remove the obstacles of any nature and clear the way for those that pay homage to him. It is also the symbol of protection.

So like you can see Muay Thai tattoos have a deeper meaning and are not only worn for decorative reasons. I hope I helped you to learn more about the art of Sak Yant tattoo to pick an ink that resonates with your personality.

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