How to deliver a Muay Thai Low Kick

Muay Thai low kick is one most effective weapons in Thai boxer's arsenal. Leg kicks serve many purposes in the ring from wearing down your opponent with constant kicks to the leg to throwing him on the ground with a sweep. In this post I will share with you a few tips on how to throw an effective low kick and also how to defend yourself from getting tagged with a leg kick.

The importance of Muay Thai low kick:

Leg kicks can slow down your opponent and wear him off slowly with each consecutive round. It may not look like this at the beginning of the fight but the accumulated leg injuries will take its toll in the latter rounds. It is especially important to do so when you are fighting a fast and agile opponent and that can to circle around you and strike from different angles without engaging in a short distance exchange.

Throwing a low kick is a moderately safe way of engaging your opponent from a distance. You can strike from a distance without opening your guard or getting into an exchange. If you still have doubts about the effectiveness of Muay Thai leg kick then watch this classic fight between American kickboxing champion and professional Muay Thai fighter. Thai fighter has totally destroyed the champ using leg kicks ONLY:

A tip: when you are fighting with an experienced Muay Thai practitioner, kicking his rear leg may be much more effective that kicking his front leg. His front leg will be much tougher and conditioned against damage thanks to all those low kicks that he has received in the past fights/sparring sessions. Unless he is ambidextrous and switches his stance all the time during a fight his back leg is going to much more prone to injury.

A tip#2: When throwing a low kick don't make a newbie mistake of holding your arms down while doing so. This will make you open to a devastating counter-attack: a headkick or at least a hook to your face. Always cover your face.

Muay Thai low kick combos:

A list of leg kick combinations that you can practice on your own or with a sparring partner holding Thai pads for you.

  • Jab [left] + cross [right] + hook to the body [left] + [switch] Lowkick [right]
  • Jab [left] + Jab [left] + Lowkick [right]
  • Jab [left] + Cross [right] + Jab [left] + Lowkick [right]
  • Right low kick + left hook + right hook + left inside leg kick
  • Jab + jab + left knee strike + [right] leg kick

Check out more combinations that utilize low kicks: Muay Thai combinations

How can you defend yourself against Muay Thai leg kick:

'Checking' a leg kick is the most effective way to defend yourself against low kicks. It not only allows you to absorb it with your shin but it also gives you an opportunity to damage your opponent's leg with your tough shin bone or your knee. It may even end the fight instantly when the attacker suffers a massive damage to his leg. An MMA fight between Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva instantly comes to mind:

Anderson Silva leg injury:

Muay Thai leg kick tutorial:

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