Muay Thai bag: choosing the right one for an effective training

Muay Thai bag is, right after boxing gloves, the most important piece of a training gear you will ever need to get if you are planning to create a workout space in your house. There are all sorts of training bags designed for a different purpose and if you are not limited by space and money you should consider purchasing more than one for an effective training.

What type of a Muay Thai bag will you need for an effective training?

  • Muay Thai banana bag due to its hardness it is mostly used for practicing kicks and shin conditioning. It serves for multiple purposes: from practicing push kicks, head kicks, side kicks to punches and more advanced combinations. One of the most expensive bags to buy but also a very important piece of a training equipment. It is essential for a comprehensive training experience and full body conditioning.

  • Muay Thai heavy bag: shorter and usually softer than banana bag. Great for improving boxing skills and practicing boxing combinations. It emulates the feeling of boxing a real person and gives a more natural resistance than a standing bag. The heaviest one is great for training push kicks since it gives a lot of resistance and a weight to work against. Muay Thai heavy bag is, next to banana bag, the most useful bag you will ever need for your training.

  • Angle bag is formed in a shape of an upper body. It is a great piece of gear designed to practice uppercuts and shovel hooks. It is also useful to train various types of body kicks and knee strikes. It is also great for practicing boxing combinations. It should be softer than banana bag but not as soft as a teardrop bag.

  • Teardrop bag: useful for training knee and elbow strikes and light kicks. Since it is quite light it is also good for building up reaction time and speed. Buying one of those bags shouldn't drain your wallet since it is typically cheaper than banana bag and most other hanging bags. It is useful to have it, but not on the top of the list of the "must have" bags.

  • Speed bag: small and soft bag designed to train and increase speed and reaction time of your strikes. It improves hand-eye coordination which is very important in training any stand-up martial art. It may be a bit annoying to train with it the first time since it bounces very quickly and it is not easy to hit, but with enough effort, you will pick up the pace and it will become natural.

  • Standing bag: heavy and sturdy bag designed for kicking and punching. Popular with mixed martial arts fighters and you can find it in most MMA gyms. Most of those bags are designed to bounce back so you can feel an impact of your strikes. If you have to choose between hanging bag and a standing bag go for the former one. This one should be the last on you list to buy since it is equally as expensive as banana bag but less versatile for Muay Thai training.

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