Effective Kickboxing combos

Kickboxing combos for sparring and heavy bag drills

Since I received such a positive feedback for the last Kickboxing combinations list (link at the end of this post) I've decided to write a bigger, longer, more comprehensive list. I have added some "fake" combinations and an example of one longer combo. So here it is.

All combinations are written with an orthodox fighter in mind. If you are Southpaw, you can simply adjust them by changing left to right and right to left. They are great for heavy bag drills and fighting.

Jab = straight left punch
Cross = straight right punch
Head kick = high kick
Leg kick = low kick

3-count Kickboxing combos

Don't underestimate simple 3-count combinations. It is often that straightforward techniques that work best:

  • Jab + jab + cross
  • Jab + cross + [left] hook
  • Jab + [step in] cross + [left] inside leg kick
  • Uppercut + overhand + inside leg kick
  • Teep (front kick) + jab + cross
  • Jab + cross to the body + front kick to the face
  • Jab + cross to the head + [left] uppercut
  • Jab + [left] hook + cross
  • Cross + [left] uppercut + cross
  • Cross + [left] hook + cross
  • [left] Hook + [right] round kick to the leg + [right] side kick to the body
  • [Left] Hook to the body (evade and counter opponent's cross) + [right] uppercut + [left] hook

4-count Kickboxing combos:

4-counts are a bread and butter of a Kickboxing combinations. I have added a few that don't start with a "traditional" jab:

  • Jab + Jab + Jab + [right] round kick to the body
  • [left] Leg kick + jab + cross + [left] push kick
  • jab + cross + right (low) leg kick + push kick
  • jab + cross + [left] hook + cross
  • Jab + cross + [left] [low or mid] kick + [right] [low or mid] kick
  • [left] [mid or low] kick + cross + [left] hook + [right] [mid or low] kick
  • Jab + cross + [left] uppercut + [left] hook to the head
  • [left] Hook to the body (evade and counter opponent's cross) + left hook to the head + [left] round kick to the opponent's right arm + left hook to the body

Feint (fake) kick combinations:

The great ancient Chinese general, Sun Tzu, once wrote that "If your opponent is of choleric temper, irritate him". Fake strikes can do that to almost anyone. Don't abuse it. It works best when you use it sparingly:

  • Fake jab + light teep + question mark kick
  • Fake teep + jab + hook
  • [right] round kick to the body + fake [right] round kick to the body + [changed into] push kick

Bonus 5-count combo

In my personal opinion, any combination over 4-count combo is not that effective. There are just too many things that you have to account for while doing it. It is just more easy for your opponent to counter it than to stop a shorter combo. It may only work if you are clearly dominating in the ring and dictating the pace of the fight:

  • Left jab, right hand, left hook, right uppercut to body, right roundhouse kick to head

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