Julie Kitchen: the Queen of Muay Thai

Julie Kitchen is the Queen of Muay Thai. Period. For many years she was the female face of Muay Thai in Europe and in the USA. A multiple World Champion, she is more of a technical fighter than a knockout finisher. She especially likes to utilize knee and elbow strikes and to fight in a clinch. She has retired from professional fighting in 2012 as one of the best Muay Thai kickboxers in the world. My only regret is that she didn't fight Joanna Jedrzejczyk back then cause that would be a great fight to watch. She has accomplished a lot in the sport, more than most other female fighters, and she remained a very modest and likable person. That is a very refreshing attitude when compared to some of the recent UFC female fighters, and even former champions, if you ask me. Although she is 15 times World Champion in Muay Thai and Kickboxing she is a very feminine woman that values a family life. This proves that you can be a badass in the ring and a nice person outside of it.

Julie Kitchen career achievements and highlights:

Believe it or not but the future 15 times World Champion in Muay Thai and Kickboxing hasn't started training until the age of 23yo and having two kids already. She has started working out to lose weight after the pregnancy in 1999, then she picked up Muay Thai, and three years later in 2002, she had her professional debut which she won. How's that for a motivation for you?

In her own words: "People say I'm a natural, I'm not a natural. I've worked really hard, had great training and overcome a lot"

She is noted for her great arm's reach which makes her a natural boxer and also helps to deliver great elbow strikes. She generally likes to keep the fight on distance with kicks and punches and prefers to fight outside of a clinch.

Her career achievements include multiple Muay Thai and Kickboxing World Champion titles like WBC Muay Thai Champion, WMC Champion, International Kickboxing Federation champion and even an ISKA Karate Champion. During her career, she has fought wich such an established fighters like Claire Haighl, Miriam Nakamoto and Amanda Kelly. Julie had contributed greatly to a popularization of Muay Thai in Europe and especially in Northern America. Thanks to her personality and a fighting career Thai kickboxing in general, and women division in particular, became more known in the US. So she was kind of precursor of what Joanna Jedrzejczyk is doing now in the UFC.

Julie Kitchen: the Queen of Muay Thai:

After the retirement:

Julie has officially retired from fighting in 2002, a month after a fight with Amanda Kelly. After the retirement, she took a position as a sports commentator. She is the face of Enfusion kickboxing promotion. She also travels around the World meeting with fans and promoting Muay Thai worldwide.

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Julie Kitchen as a sports commentator

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