Best Muay Thai kickboxers in the World

A list of the best non-native Muay Thai kickboxers in the world [Muay Farang]

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Joanna Jedrzejczyk: There are just a few very successful MMA fighters with a pure Muay Thai background in the UFC and Joanna Jedrzejczyk is definitely one of them. She is known mostly as the mixed martial arts fighter but she is a former multiple Muay Thai and Kickboxing champion.

She is a current UFC strawweight champion and she manages to combine a spectacular stand-up striking with a good submission defense. A lot of fighters that are good at striking are not as capable when it comes to ground work. She simply devastates her opponents with a diverse combination of powerful strikes and her takedown defense skills helps her to stay off the ground.
All of her bouts are very spectacular and just a pleasure to watch - she is a very dominant striker and a natural born fighter. Read more about Joanna Champion

Nieky Holtzken: Two-time European champion and one of the best Dutch Kickboxers in the world. Why is he and some other Kickboxers on this list? The main reason is that Dutch Kickboxing has much more in common with Muay Thai than a regular kickboxing.
And the other is that he competed in K1 formula and fought with many Muay Thai fighters, including Buakaw. He is a well-rounded fighter who can deliver devastating kicks and possess great boxing skills. He is a very technical kickboxer and his bouts are just a pleasure to watch.

Julie Kitchen: the Queen of Muay Thai. For many years she was the female face of Muay Thai in the UK and the US. A multiple World Champion, she is more of a technical fighter than a knockout finisher. She especially likes to utilize knee and elbow strikes and to fight in a clinch. She has retired from professional fighting in 2012 as one of the best Muay Thai kickboxers in the world.Read more about Julie Kitchen

Joseph 'Bazooka Joe' Valtellini from Canada. He is more of a Dutch Kickboxer than a Muay Thai fighter. His main strength lies with his powerful punching techniques and an incredible stamina. His fight against more experienced Nieky Holzken is one of the best K1 Glory fights that I have ever watched. He is a very explosive fighter and all of his fights are very spectacular - most of them ends with a KO. Just a pure pleasure to watch him in action.

Jordan Watson: proudly represents Bad Company gym from Sheffield, UK. I remember his fight with Buakaw in 2010. He wasn't intimidated at all and he delivered a lot of powerful kick and punches to Benchamek's body. He eventually lost by decision after a good and even fight. Maybe he is not on the same level as Buakaw or Fairtex but he is the best British junior middleweight fighters and one of the best in Europe in his weight category.

Amanda Kelly: I used to train with her in the same gym in London. She is tough and talented Thai boxer, double world champion, who fought and won with Julie Kitchen, welterweight WBC Muaythai champion. She is well known in Britain and thanks to a fight with Julie, she did get some more recognition in the US too. She is a better Muay Thai fighter than an MMA fighter though - with a poor mixed martial art record of 1 win and 3 losses. She's been training and perfecting her skills in KO Gym in London and also in Thailand.

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