4 Best Muay Thai fighters in the World (2017)

What are the best Muay Thai fighters in the world?

It is not easy to make such a list since there are so many talented fighters out there. There are two ways to make such a list: one can focus on all time best or write about current top fighters in the world. I would like to combine those two ways and write about both: new and successful fighters and legendary Thai boxers that made the most impact in the Muay Thai universe. I will also make a two separate sub-lists: one for native Thai boxers and one for foreign fighters [Nak Muay Farangs] which you can find under a link on the bottom of this page.

A list of the best Muay Thai fighters in the world [Native Thai fighters]

There is only one person I can start this list with and his name is: Samart Payakaroon. He is the ultimate Muay Thai fighter and he deserves to be named number one champion of all time. He is not only a Thai boxing champion but also a WBC boxing champion. He combined Western boxing style with Muay Thai and his accomplishment helped to elevate the sport to a whole new level. His record is 150 fight in total, 129 wins, 19 losses and 2 draws which speak for itself.

Saenchai: a Muay Thai fighter and a multiple Lumpiness stadium champion: he won that title fighting in a few different weight divisions. He is one tricky fighter who never ceases to surprise the opponents and to amaze the crowd. He often challenges bigger and stronger fighters and dominates them in the ring with his speed and timing. He is probably the second most widely recognized Muay Thai champion all over the world right after Buakaw.

Buakaw Por Pramuk: the living legend and the face of Muay Thai around the world. He was born in Surin in Thailand. He is a multiple welterweight champion who possess a powerful, lightning fast head kick. He was very successful with both: K1 platform and traditional MuayThai competitions. He may be not the most technical fighter out there but he has got a will of steel and his aggressive pushing forward style is spectacular and effective at the same time. Thanks to his accomplishments in K1 he has done more for the promotion of Muay Thai outside of Thailand than any other native Thai fighter. He has got 246 professional fights under his belt of which he won 213 and lost 21 (12 draws). Read more about Buakaw por Pramuk

Yodsanklai Fairtex: the former super welterweight champion now fighting in a super middleweight division. He is a very smart and technical fighter. Mentally tough with powerful punches that possess a knockout power, he is a worthy and dangerous opponent for every professional Thai fighter. One of the best Muay Thai fighters around.

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