A list of advanced Muay Thai combos for training and sparring

I have written about basic Muay Thai combos and Dutch style combinations in the past (links at the bottom of this page), so now I will share with you a list of an advanced Muay Thai combinations. Advanced combos work best when you take a control the fight and are able to impose your pace and your own style of fighting on your opponent.

An introduction to advanced Muay Thai combos:

Many times the difference between an advanced Muay Thai combo and a simple combination is not a number of "counts" but a level of fitness you need to achieve to be able to deliver it successfully to your opponent. Let's take a look at this kick combo [both orthodox stance]:
  • [Left] inside leg kick [to you opponent's lead leg] then step back + [right] outside leg kick [to your opponents lead leg] - [right] kick to the body

Doesn't look like much but you have to be quick and accurate - if you miss the second kick you will not be able to follow up with the third - and the third kick must be delivered right after the second one. It may feel more natural to make a switch and kick with your left leg at the end of the combo. It all depends on the situation - you have to avoid a risk of a leg catch.

A list of an advanced muay thai combos:

OK, let's get into the business. Pick a few combinations from this list and try them on heavy bag and/or on your sparring partner [orthodox stance]:
  • [Left] hook + [right] cross + [lef] hook + [right] body kick
  • [Left] hook + [right] straight + [switch] [left] body kick x2
  • [Left] jab + [right] cross +[left] jab + [right] hook to the body
  • [Left] jab + [Right] cross + [Left] hook + [right] leg kick
  • [Left] jab + [Left] hook + [right] leg kick

And one of Buakaw's favorite combos. A truly devastating combination:
  • [Right] Cross + [left] elbow + [right] short hook + [right] elbow
When delivered right it can eliminate the opponent from the fight by TKO due to elbow cut.
And finally some effective 4-count combos:
  • [Left] Head kick + [right] cross to the body + [left] hook to the body + [right] midsection kick
  • [Left] kick to the body + [right] cross + [left] jab + [right] kick to the body
  • [Right] kick to the body + [[Left] jab + [right] cross + [right] kick to the body
  • [Left] mid kick + [right] cross + [left] hook + [right] mid kick

I hope you will find those combos useful. Take a look at a link sectin below to find some more combinations:

Advanced Muay Thai combos:

Muay Thai jump kick combinations:

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